Saturday, 6 June 2009

Voters: Floaters, Loyalists and Royalists.

So it’s coming close to that time of year when abstract artists specialising in social governance and truth twisting stand on their podiums to testify their good will and ambition to serve the people and direct our country to triumph. This same time of year defines the personality and moral values of the vast majority of UK inhabitants. Voting Season.
So where would you position yourself? To the right or to the left? To the far right or to the far left? Or just so far in the middle that you’ve got enough splinters in your rectum from sitting on the fence to qualify for reconstructive surgery on your rear courtesy of the NHS?

There are four types of people and three types of voters. You have the dedicated audience, the loyalists, that abide by the policy of their party come rain or fall. You have the reflective voters, the floaters who decide where to mark their ‘X’ on the policies fronted by each party at each election. You have the Monarchists or the Royalists who will vote according to the traditional tracture of our Monarchy and then you have those that don’t vote.

This 4th of June our primary aim should have been to eradicate the world of the non-voters. The United Kingdoms rise to democracy is one of the magical traits of our country and should be treated duly, especially considering how hard we fought for our rights. It would seem however, that succeeding in our attempts to draw in votes (weather by free will or by kidnap and pen forteture) the bigger challenge is teaching voters how to use their vote wisely. Of course what I am referring to in this fairly recent plight of negative reinforcement used to send a message to the labour party this EU Election. Proof in it self that Joe Public still abuses it’s position and involvement in the running of this fine country.

Why did Social Democrats, BNP and Green party gain their seats? Well put it this way: Should all those who voted for ‘any party but Labour’ have sat down and thought about their decision and researched party politics…. They wouldn’t have gained those EMP seats. But Hell… it’s only the running of our country we’re deciding! Why should we take it seriously?!

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